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In today's world, recruiting has become a year round non-stop evaluation process. As the landscape of recruiting changes and access to athletes is easier than ever; players are searching for opportunities to stand out from the crowd.


Our recruiting profile platform offers everything that a coach would need in one location to evaluate prospects.


Athlete Profile

Build your brand, showcase your talent - the way you want. Share your stats, performance, and featured videos that reflect the hard work you and your team put in every day… in one place.


Performance Tracking

Learn your strengths so you can attack your weaknesses. Every movement, every workout, every meet, match or game matters. Track, analyze, and improve your performance.


Media & highlights

Never lose a moment. From action shots to video, showcase your personal bests - highlights, combine videos, skills, and more.



Enter testing data tuned to your sport to understand where you stand. Test, retest, and compare your growth over time. Your VC score reflects your commitment to becoming a better athlete.

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PPT Elite Recruiting Profile is a great opportunity for athletes to stand out and make the recruiting process easier than ever.

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