PPT Elite Player Spotlight: Reese Gunby

Reese Gunby is a Class of 2022 WR/DB who is garnering attention on both end of the field. At 6'1" and 180lbs he's got great hands and is known amongst his teammates as a Jason Witten, a.k.a "Mr. Reliable", type player. A great athlete and person, he's grown with the PPT Elite program and is supported by an amazing family.

Head Coach Jordan Pugh says of Gunby: "Reese is a cornerstone guy. He unites our team and lets you know what we at PPT Elite are all about."

Player Spotlight Interview:

What is your favorite aspect of playing your position? "Playing both wide receiver and safety allows me to see my position from a different point of view, which helps me better understand how to get open, or to lock someone down." What do you wish more athletes your age knew about the game? "Football doesn’t last forever. Now that I’m coming into my senior year, I’ve recognized how fast it all really flies by." What is your favorite thing about playing with your PPT Elite teammates? "Playing with athletes from other teams widened my circle and gave me some opportunities to talk trash [laughs], be competitive, and build relationships with other guys going to the next level." What is something most people don’t know about you? "I’m a certified scuba diver." What advice do you have for young players who may be following in your footsteps? "Take every opportunity available to get better." What sets playing for PPT Elite apart from other experiences you’ve had? "The coaches really took time to emphasize team bonding and chemistry." What has the game of football done for you? "Football has taught me countless life lessons, as well as given me a close-knit family I can always rely on."

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